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Over time, Octagon Orthodontics have released many magazine issues to help inform and educate the public about both orthodontics and spa-medica. There are two different magazines that have been issued – those published with the title ‘The Beauty Society’, have articles that span the whole range of spa-medica treatments, while those with the title ‘Smiles & Faces’ and 'Invisible Braces' contain articles on braces and smile design.

Electronic versions of The Beauty Society magazine, Smiles & Faces as well as Invisible Braces are available for browsing, by clicking the thumbnails below.

Click on the picture of the publication below to open the online magazine

2017: Invisible Braces - Octagon Orthodontics

Octagon Orthodontics Smile News - Issue 1

2016: Focus on Invisalign - Octagon Orthodontics

2015: Octagon Orthodontics

2016: The Ashcroft Clinic News - Issue 1
Affiliated clinic

2014: Focus on Invisalign - Octagon Orthodontics

2013: Octagon Orthodontic

2010: The Beauty Society

2008: The Star Issue

Rainbow Issue

Timeless Issue

The Sunday Times

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Patient Information
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