Adults can have straight teeth too!

Adults too can have straight teeth

Fixed braces are not just for children and are available in tooth coloured options making treatment less obvious and more desirable for the image conscious adult. A patient on her sixties explains some of her experiences in her orthodontic journey.

It is important to realise that undergoing orthodontic treatment is not exclusive to children or teenagers. A large number of the patients at Octagon Orthodontics are adults who have come to the decision of having braces later in life. Often there is a special occasion in the near future or treatment has been prescribed to resolve dental problems, which involves the use of braces.

Martin Dominguez

Martin Dominguez explains his reasons for getting fixed braces as an adult, “I had pretty poor dental care as a child and no real care was taken to make my teeth look pleasing.”

“I had one tooth which was impacted and stopped others coming through and I have a misshapen jaw line and a bone outgrowth, so my bite was very strange! It was not until my daughter had braces that I considered them a viable option for helping me.”

A fixed brace is an orthodontic appliance which cannot be removed from the mouth by the patient. They are one of the most effective ways of straightening teeth and remain a popular choice amongst adult patients, due to their speed and reliability. Some people also prefer them because of the reduced inconvenience compared with having a removable appliance.

Attractive, translucent or tooth coloured, aesthetic fixed brackets appeal to adult patients in view of their less obtrusive appearance. These are made from a ceramic (see right) material and differ from plastic (polycarbonate) brackets in terms of the superior durability, colour stability, strength and overall performance throughout the treatment.

Fixed braces can be made “totally white” by utilising ceramic brackets, white or tooth coloured arch wires and non-staining ligature wires This means that your appliance is virtually not visible!

Like the vast majority of our adult patients, Martin has no regrets about undergoing treatment, “The aesthetic results are great! I had the full mouth done, the ‘Full Monty’! I had some very interesting conversations with people who were intrigued but as a result they went and got their teeth sorted too!”

adult before treatment

Before treatment

aefore treatment

After treatment

Mary Clements

Mary Clements in her 60’s also had fixed braces; she states “My teeth were a problem - my bite wasn’t correct and I had a ‘clicky’ jaw. I went to a dentist to talk about my terrible teeth and he said I was too old to have treatment, even though I was only just out of my teens!”

“Eventually, in my 50’s, I started seeing a different dentist and she asked me why I didn’t have orthodontic treatment? I went to see Dr Ilori and he said he could help me and it felt really positive. Actually, wearing the braces did not bother me at all!”

At Octagon Orthodontics we specialise in delivering beautiful smiles to adults and children using aesthetic, modern and invisible braces. All you have to do is book a consultation appointment and your journey of self-improvement will start straight away!

before treatment

Before treatment

after treatment

After treatment

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