What happens when you go to see an orthodontist?

Consultation with an Orthodontist

At Octagon Orthodontics we provide comprehensive orthodontic consultations to all our patients. If you require treatment, a personalised treatment plan is created which will be explained in full to you. Contact us today to book your orthodontic consultation.


Removable appliances

Removable appliance

Removable appliances are generally used to widen the upper or lower arch. The appliance is made of a plastic plate with metal wires inside the plastic creating a force to move the teeth. The appliance must be worn all the time except when playing sport and cleaning the teeth and appliance. Contact us to find out more about removable appliances.


Twin Blocks or Functional Appliances

Twin blocks or functional appliances

Twin blocks or functional appliances can be used to correct receding jaws, goofy teeth or excess overjet. The appliance is made up of two blocks of plastic which encourage teeth and jaws to grow in a certain way. The treatment is usually used for growing patients.


Fixed Appliances

Fixed bracket

Fixed appliances which are also commonly known as ‘train tracks’. They straighten the teeth using brackets which are stuck on to the teeth and a wire which is inserted through the brackets to create tension to move the teeth. Ceramic (tooth coloured), gold and silver brackets are available to suit each patients preference. Coloured ligatures can be placed over brackets and are popular with teenagers wanting to personalise their brace!


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