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Wind instruments and braces

Having braces doesn’t have to stop you from playing your wind instrument. It may just take a bit of getting used to. Edible orthodontic wax can also be used to cover the brace which can make paying the instrument easier for some.

Wind Instruments and Braces

If you play an instrument, in particular a wind instrument, you might be worried about what happens if you have to wear braces – don’t be! Firstly, if you are prescribed a removable brace you simply take it out when playing, whereas if you have fixed braces it will only take a short while to adapt your playing style.

The effect of pressing the wind instrument against the lips or teeth could generate some pressure, which should not be enough to deter you from playing or practicing as usual. If you do experience discomfort from the lips rubbing on the brace or vice versa, you can gain relief from using soft wax or special silicone materials, supplied by your orthodontist, to cover your fixed braces.

It is important to remember that once orthodontic treatment is complete there will also be a period of re-adjustment to playing without an appliance.

  • The more a patient practices the quicker he or she will adjust.
  • Often woodwind players tend to adjust much faster than brass players.
  • Your music teacher should be patient enough to allow you to adapt and where possible suggest changes to the instrument mouthpiece to make playing easier.
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