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Coral Humber after orthodontic treatment

A 12 year old patient’s mother explains her daughter’s journey through orthodontic treatment. To start your child’s orthodontic journey call us today.

A Child’s Journey with Octagon Orthodontics – Coral Humber

Coral Humber was just like any other 12 year old, she went to school, socialised with her friends at weekends, and she also needed braces. Dr Peter Ilori began her treatment with a type of brace known as a twin block. A twin block is a functional, removable appliance that is used to correct the bite of a patient, and derives its name from the split nature of the device. It is made up of an upper block and a lower block which fit together like twins, and these work in synchrony to encourage the jaws to grow into the correct biting position.

Twin blocks are one of the fastest and most effective methods to correct receding jaws, goofy teeth or excess overjet. When first fitted there is an adaptation period of about three days, when your mouth will produce more saliva. The best way to get used to your brace is to follow the same advice that Coral did and wear the brace for a minimum of 22 hours a day. It may take some perseverance at first, but the brace will soon become unnoticeable and more comfortable.

Coral’s mum explains “My daughter’s jaw was set so far back and she had a big gap at the front. Her bottom teeth were digging into the roof of her mouth.”

“The first time she walked out of the surgery with the braces on, she found it challenging but she persevered.” Coral said “I must wear them, I am going to do it!””

For the brace to work correctly the blocks on your brace have to meet together properly at all times – walking around with your mouth open and the blocks not in contact is not a great idea! The way in which this appliance works and also how quickly it works relies solely on your commitment to the treatment plan specified by the orthodontist. After the twin blocks had achieved the desired effect Coral then went on to have a fixed brace, commonly known amongst teenagers as ‘train tracks’. “When the tracks were put on the teeth moved so quickly!” says Coral’s mum.

Coral’s total treatment time was 15 months and she hasn’t looked back since, “She has the most amazing smile now. I cannot thank him enough!”

before treatment

Before treatment

after treatment

After treatment

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