I do not want braces but I do want straight teeth!

I do not want braces but I do want straight teeth

Read a testimonial from one of our Invisalign patients. She was delighted with not only the results but how none of her colleagues had any idea that she was having treatment. To find out how Invisalign can work for you contact us at High Wycombe, Beaconsfield or Ealing.


Why have an American Smile when you can have a British one?

Why have an American smile when you can have a British one?

Attitudes about the importance of a great smile are changing. The ‘American smile’ is now just important to the British making orthodontic treatment a priority for many. Contact Octagon Orthodontics to find out how to achieve your perfect smile!


First Impressions Count – Whether it’s business or pleasure

First impressions count

Check out our tips on how to make a great first impression in the business world. Contact us to find out how orthodontics plays a big part in first impressions and how you can improve your smile.


Mealtime machinations

Mealtime machinations

A balanced and healthy diet is important for all of us but even more so as a brace wearer. Certain foods can cause decalcification and over time can damage teeth so it is essential to educate yourself about the best options for you. Read on to find out more.


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