Reasons why people have braces

easons why people have braces

Whether you are getting married or just want to improve your dental health braces can provide you with your perfect smile. Contact us to book a consultation with our specialist orthodontists in High Wycombe, Ealing or Beaconsfield.

Major life changes

I’m newly single and I felt it was time for a new image – starting with my smile!
My new job involves public speaking; I want people concentrating on my words and not my teeth

Self – Confidence

I used to cover my mouth in public. Now I don’t feel so self-conscious
I want to go through life without worrying that people are looking at my wonky teeth

Dental problems

My dentist advised me to get braces to solve my crowded teeth, which she said could lead to even more problems in the future.
Whenever I ate my teeth would hurt because of my crossbite. After talking to my dentist he recommended orthodontic treatment to help solve the problem.


My kids have finally left home and I wanted to do something for myself!

Special occasion

I’m getting married in a year and I want my wedding day to be perfect, which means smiling in all the photographs and videos.
What better way to celebrate achieving my degree than also achieving the smile I’ve always wanted.

Parental guidance

Everyone else was having braces and I didn’t want to be the only one in two or three years time with bad teeth.
I used to get called ‘Goofy’ at school and so I decided to make a change.
My parents always wanted the best for me and thought I should have it done now while I’m still young.

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Reasons why people have braces
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