Octagon Orthodontics have released a new set of ‘Face cards’ for a bit of a giggle during your orthodontic treatment…

A little bit of fun can bring a smile to your face, albeit not your own smile! With these face cards, they hang off the nose and replacing the users smile.

As with our previous face cards, the idea is about having some fun and fixing the teeth, as the smile of the card is wearing orthodontic braces.

Simply pick up a #Fixingmyteeth face card from Octagon Orthodontics in High Wycombe and…

  1. Apply your chosen #Fixingmyteeth face card.
  2. Take a ’Selfie’
  3. Upload to your favourite social accounts and tag with the following information…

FACEBOOK #Fixingmyteeth @octagonorthodontics

TWITTER #Fixingmyteeth @octagonortho

GOOGLE+ #Fixingmyteeth @octagonorthodontics

INSTAGRAM #Fixingmyteeth @octagonorthodontics

Pick up your free #FIXINGMYTEETH face card today!

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