Octagon Orthodontics release a fully bespoke invisible braces magazine

Invisible Braces magazine

Invisible Braces

Octagon Orthodontics are proud to announce the release of a fully bespoke version of their Invisible Braces magazine.

The 132 page high quality bespoke magazine has been designed to inform patients about Invisalign braces. The magazine contains everything a patient needs to know about this advanced orthodontic appliance and takes them on a journey through the Orthodontic process. Questions, comparisons, case studies, technical details and life stories have all been presented in this convenient and beautifully designed single source of patient focused information.

Pick up a copy today from Octagon Orthodontics, or click on the magazine cover to view the bespoke magazine in digital format…

Other publications issued by Octagon Orthodontics

Over time, Octagon Orthodontics have released many magazine issues to help inform and educate the public about both orthodontics and spa-medica. There are two different magazines that have been issued – those published with the title ‘The Beauty Society’, have articles that span the whole range of spa-medica treatments, while those with the title ‘Smiles & Faces’ and 'Invisible Braces' contain articles on braces and smile design.

Electronic versions Octagon Orthodontics publications, Smiles & Faces as well as Invisible Braces are available for browsing.

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