Register the whole family today at octagon orthodontics

Register the whole family today at octagon orthodontics for specialist orthodontics! The UK’s TOP provider of Invisalign for teenagers & children and Top 50 Invisalign Provider in Europe!

Are you unhappy with your smile or teeth?
Does your smile affect your confidence or self-esteem?
Do you regret not having braces earlier?
Are your children on a waiting list for NHS braces?

Don’t wait!

Refer yourself and your children today for a specialist orthodontic assessment because...

  • Octagon Orthodontics are brace specialists for adults and children
  • Experienced, expert clinicians provide comprehensive care with guaranteed results
  • We can improve your smile, bite, dental health and confidence using modern braces and digital technology
  • We can check your child’s eligibility for NHS braces
  • We have no waiting lists
  • You can choose alternative low cost options for children who do not qualify for NHS treatment
  • Affordable payment plans, discounts and 0% finance are available
  • Multiple clinic locations ensure convenient appointments including after school or work, evenings and weekends

Contact Octagon Orthodontics TODAY!

Read all about Octagon Orthodontics, the specialist orthodontists and clinicians, the products and services available at our clinics in High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Denham and Ealing. Smile News Issue 3 is out now! Pick up your FREE copy, or read online today…

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